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How to Caption Videos Automatically in Premiere Pro Using Speech-to-Text

Read Time: 2 mins

Transcribing speech in videos used to be a time-consuming and taxing exercise, but today with Sensei Speech-to-Text included in the latest versions of Adobe Premiere Pro, transcription is a breeze. In this tutorial you will learn how to use Adobe's Sensei Speech-to-Text feature in three simple steps. 

1. Create Transcription

With your video opened in Premiere Pro, click on Text in the Text Panel to open the Create Transcription option. 

This will open up the Create Transcription Panel where you have a few options for customising your transcript including the choice of 13 languages. Click Transcribe and in a few seconds to a few minutes depending on the length of your video, your transcription will be processed. 

2. Review and Edit

Once the transcription process is completed you will see the text from your video in the Text Panel. Your transcript is divided into small blocks of time corresponding to the timeline in your video.

You can review and edit the transcript in the Text Panel by double clicking a word in the text. Wherever you click in the transcript you will automatically be taken to the corresponding speech in your video.

3. Create Captions

When you're happy with your text you can turn it into captions by clicking the Create Captions and Create buttons. 

The caption segments will be positioned on the timeline accurately matching the pace of speech in the video.

You can fine-tune the appearance of your captions using the tools in the Essential Graphics Panel and even save your settings as a preset to customise all your captions consistently. And that's it. You now know how to create both transcripts and captions for your video in no time at all. 

Transcribe Videos Using Adobe Sensei Speech-to-Text

Now that you know how easy it is to use Adobe Sensei Speech-to-Text why not give it a try. And if you are interested in other tools that'll save you time and energy here are some resources you can try:

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If you try the Adobe Sensei Speech-to-Text feature do share your experience with us on Envato forums. It's always good to hear your opinions on the software we feature. 

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