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How to Synchronize Audio and Video With Pluraleyes

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This post is part of a series called Audio Post-Production for Video.
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If you are looking for a better way to sync your audio sources, look no further than Pluraleyes, by Red Giant. Using this simple software you can easily and quickly sync an external audio source along with multiple camera sources. The project in this video uses the footage from my tutorial "How to Slate the Tape," and while that is only a few minutes of content, you can still see Pluraleyes render everything in real time.

Here are some tips to get the most out of this program.

  • Make sure all camera sources are set to the same frame rate before recording.
  • To add multiple camera sources, add all of your first camera input to the default "camera 1". Click the plus sign right above "camera 1" to add a new camera, for as many cameras as you need. I've added as many as 8 cameras to the project without problems.
  • When cutting audio on set, do not "pause" a take, "stop" it and create a new clip instead. Pausing a clip with anything else still recording will cause a continuity error that Pluraleyes cannot sync.
  • If you are shooting with cameras (or audio) at different frame rates, pluraleyes will fail if those clips are inserted onto the same track. If you shoot something at a different frame rate, add a new camera track for the clips with the different frame rates, and pluraleyes will sync the footage perfectly.

One last tip: if you don't yet have a copy of Pluraleyes, look for it offered at a discounted price when bundled with the purchase of RØDE microphone products.

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