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How to Use Title Templates in the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere Pro

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In this lesson on How to Use Title Templates in the Essential Graphics Panel in Premiere Pro from David Bode's FREE Ultimate Premiere Pro FAQ Course, you're going to learn where to find great-looking motion graphics title templates, and how to install, customise, and use them.

Installing Your Motion Graphics Template

After you have downloaded the motion graphics template of your choice, you need to install it. To do this, go to the Browse tab of the Essential Graphics panel. There's a button in the lower right-hand corner called Install Motion Graphics Template. This will allow you to navigate to wherever you have downloaded your templates and install them one at a time.

Installing Your Motion Graphics TemplateInstalling Your Motion Graphics TemplateInstalling Your Motion Graphics Template

On Windows, if you want to install multiple templates, you need to go to the default directory where these are stored. That is C: drive > Users > Username > AppData > Roaming > Adobe > Common > Motion Graphics Templates. This is where all the MOGRT files are installed. You can just download them, unzip them, and drag them into the folder, and then you will see them populate in the Browse tab.

On Apple, go to the Downloads folder and find the motion graphics template you've downloaded. Click through until you locate the MOGRT files. Select all the files and drag and drop them into the Browse tab with all the other MOGRT files. 

Every pack has a certain number of templates, and you may not like them all. So once you have downloaded them, check them out in Premiere and delete the ones you don't think you'll ever use by right-clicking on them and choosing Delete.

Customising Your Motion Graphics Template

You will find that some motion graphics templates offer more customisation than others. With some, all you can do is replace the text with your own and that's it, while others offer plenty of customisation options like the ability to change the font, colours, background, size, etc. 

Most of the titles are made in After Effects, so when you use them, be aware that most will need After Effects running in the background. Also, depending on the complexity of the footage and the other stuff you have going on in your sequence, these may or may not play back smoothly for you.

Let's take a look at Smart Title Pack v2 from Elements. There are 16 templates offered in this pack, and we are checking out the template STP Fill 01 UHD.

Customising Your Motion Graphics TemplateCustomising Your Motion Graphics TemplateCustomising Your Motion Graphics Template

This template offers a ton of customisation. You can change the text, font, font style, font size, and all of the font styling options. You can change the text tracking, background colour, and text colour in each of the boxes. You can also get rid of any of the boxes just by deleting the text.

Down at the bottom of the edit menu, you have options for skewing the text so you can make it straight, skewed, or slanted.

The are no controls for positioning the text in the Edit tab, but you can just do that right over in Effects Controls, underneath Motion, and just adjust the position of the text so you can use the text as a lower-third or something else.

What if the default length doesn't work for you, and you want to make the text a bit shorter or longer? When you have an ending animation, and you want to make the effect shorter, you want to make sure that you don't cut off the end animation if there is one. That's not a problem with the effect we are using here, but it is with others, and you'll need to get a bit creative with extending them depending on how they're built.

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