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Inspiration from London Ahead of the 2012 Olympics

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This year the Olympics are heading to London. Today, we have 50 inspiring images from around the city to offer some inspiration ahead of the games.

Facts about London

  • The Olympic Stadium will have a capacity of 80,000 during the Games.
  • It is the lightest Olympic stadium ever built.
  • The fourteen lighting towers are needed because this the first Olympic Games with HD TV freeze-frame coverage that will be essential to capture the action.
  • Part of the supporting structure of the roof is formed from 2,500 tonnes of steel tubing that was actually recycled from old gas pipelines.
  • There are over 100 theatres in London, including 50 in the West End. London theatre accounts for 45% of all UK theatre admissions and over 70% of box-office revenues.
  • The British eat twice as many baked beans per head as Americans do.
  • Although the Great Fire of London destroyed much of the city, only six people were killed.

Thames Festival Fireworks



London Eye

Big Ben Tilt-shift

:: london 2012 - 1 part

London 2012 - II part

London underground

Trafalgar Square, London

The Shard

London ::1 (british Museum)

London Underground part III

Tower Bridge Blue Hour

London Bridge (Tower Bridge) : Reflection on the River Thames

Mirror Pool (Trafalgar Square), London

London Eye

Gherkin Stitch, London

St paul's cathedral london skyline night

Albert Bridge Lightning Strike

Zoom Zoom

A postcard from London II

Regent Street at night, London, England

London Night 3



The London Eye 2

Learning from London


Tower Bridge

The Lloyds Building

London Bridge is not falling down.


Royal Albert Hall


Inside the Gherkin

Millenium Bridge to St Pauls

Planet More London Riverside

Millennium Bridge London

under the carpet

Around London you will find many of Banksy's best pieces of artwork. If you have time you might be able to spot some!

At The British Museum


Phone booth

(Or a telephone box as us English prefer to call it)

Gravity is overrated

Hanging out on the hill

(Peak of Primrose Hill, London.)

The National Gallery, London

Inside the Monument - London

Tower Bridge London

Canary Whalf

HMS belfast

London City Hall

London Eye

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