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Instax Business Card - Lomography Tipster

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Once a month, we bring you a tipster from Their ever-growing database of film knowledge offers trick, tips and techniques that often outside the realm of mainstream photography. This idea and process was so interesting, straight-forward and creative, I couldn't pass it up. On the heals of our recent promotional materials tutorial and instant film tutorial, this is a great addition.

As business people, we strive to standout. In this tipster from user wn7ant, we'll be learning to make business cards that marry digital and analog, something personally created that is different every time. A unique product that raises peoples interest in it and the process that creates it. Instax film is getting more and more popular. I've even seen it in chain store!


  • A Instax Mini camera and film (not the Instax Wide film)
  • Transparencies (overhead projector type)
  • A computer and printer
  • Some artistic skill to draw, write or design on the transparency
  • Super glue
  • Creativity

Although this process can create business cards. What you do with it is limited by your imagination.
For a simple business card example, use a template. Apple’s Pages program comes with one for business cards.

Here's a shot after creating the business card:

Simply, print it on a sheet of transparency.

Then, cut out the individual cards.

Turn the business card upside down (top to bottom) and flip the transparency over (front to back). Glue the transparency to the business end of an unused film cartridge.

Insert the film cartridge into the camera, and take a picture.

You now have a business card/picture to hand out. You could go out on a business card creation shoot. Carry the camera with you on all your shoots, and stockpile those great images. You could even create business cards on the spot when someone asks for one. The possibilities are endless.

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