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How to Create Your Own Photo Campaign (International Women’s Day Celebration)

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The 8th of March is International Women’s Day. Since its inception in 1911, the day has been used as a platform to strive for equality and more generally to celebrate the amazing women of the world, past and present.

This year, the theme for International Women’s Day is #BalanceforBetter, encouraging everyone to add their voice to the call for better gender balance, whether that’s in the board room, representing us in the highest government offices, or removing sexism from everyday life. IWD are calling for everyone to post a selfie with their hands out, like scales, to represent the balance theme.

How to Create Your Own Successful Visual Campaign

This is not the first time IWD have tried out a visual campaign. Last year’s theme was #PressforProgress and after its success, it’s not hard to see why they’d try a similar premise with a new theme this year. Let’s look at how you can start thinking about creating your own visual campaign.

What’s Your Goal?

If your goal is something along the lines of ‘go viral’ then it’s probably best to stop there. Your campaign should come out of something you’re genuinely passionate about and believe can do some good. Create something meaningful and engaging, and liking, commenting and sharing, should hopefully come (at least in part) organically.

Jumping beach friendsJumping beach friendsJumping beach friends
Friends jumping at the beach, from Envato Elements

Visual Content Performs Better

It really does, across almost all platforms. Video tends to get the most engagement on the major social media channels (Facebook and Twitter) but posts with photos on the whole get noticed and shared more, so it’s important to get your images right.

hands holding paperhands holding paperhands holding paper
Images don't have to contain people's faces to be effective. Image from Envato Elements.

Different Content Across Different Channels

It can be a bit of a faff, but I promise you it’s worth slightly altering and adjusting your photographs depending on where you’re intending to post them. If you upload something large onto Facebook, it’s going to get compressed and potentially not look very nice. Twitter is better, but there are still ideal sizes to upload at, so do a bit of resizing before you post your images.

What Are You Asking?

Don’t ask for anything too complicated. We can all get lost in the excitement of a campaign without realising that, actually, it’s probably too big an ask for people to attempt in their busy lives. The success of the IWD campaigns is that many people have their phones on them and enjoy taking selfies – it’s not such a big leap to ask them to take a selfie in a particular pose.

Try to think of things that are going to be really simple for people to take time out of their schedules to do. If you’re trying for another selfie idea, think of things that will have visual appeal, like being in front of their town’s local landmark, or even just a group of friends jumping.

seasonal promotionseasonal promotionseasonal promotion
If your campaign runs across a particular season, have fun with it! Image from Envato Elements.

Why Should They Do It?

Once you’ve figured out the ‘what,’ it’s time to consider the ‘why.’ Why should people do what you ask? There’s no one right answer for this, but there are certainly things to consider that will help. Doing something for a good cause is a great reason for people to get involved, just like IWD do. Telling a story is another great reason; people like to feel like they’re part of something, most of us crave community in some way or another, and being a part of a campaign can really help people to feel like they’re involved in something special.

throwing papers in an officethrowing papers in an officethrowing papers in an office
Doing something fun in an office can work - with the boss' permission! Image from Envato Elements.

Respond and Engage

The smart social media accounts of the present aren’t just posting great content, they’re listening to and responding to their fans. If you ask someone to go out of their way to take part in your campaign then don’t ignore them once they have. You might not have the time to respond to every single comment, and that’s okay, but try to engage as much as is possible, and share the best responses from people – in a ‘snake eating its own tail’ kind of way, content will generate content… you just have to get it rolling.

Together, We're Better

There's nothing quite like the feeling of uniting to support a good cause. It creates a sense of community, it inspires and educates, and most importantly helps the cause you're promoting. We hope you have success with your own visual campaign, and that you'll join us in celebrating the wonderful work of women everywhere during this International Women's Day 2019.

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