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Introducing Open Assignments for Photo & Video

This post is part of a series called Open Assignments.
Open Assignment: Beauty and Glamour Portrait Retouching

We're trying something new here at Tuts+ Photo & Video: Open Assignments. These assignments are learning exercises inspired by our courses

There's a bit of a chicken-and-egg scenario with creative work: in order to get work (or better work) you have to prove that you are reliable. To prove you are reliable you have to have made creative work. These assignments will help you build up that critical photography and video experience. 

Space shuttle Columbia launching
Get ready for liftoff!

We believe that the best way to learn is by doing. The assignments are structured like a typical assignment that you might get as a professional photographer or film-maker. Each assignment is a way to experiment and grow your skills in a hands-on way that's accessible and achievable. If you are already experienced not to worry, we will include some added twists for you, too.

As always, we also want to talk about how to best approach making photo and video. We have an incredibly diverse community; we're always excited to hear how you solve problems and do your work.

Anyone can participate in the assignments. You don't have to watch the related course, but the course will help. You won't need a lot of gear, either: use what you have to get the best results you can.

The Assignments

Coming Up Next

Our next Open Assignment is a news and editorial assignment.

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