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Lightroom Does What?! Handy Tips, Tricks, and Tools You Might Have Missed


Adobe Lightroom has a lot more features than meets the eye. These tutorials will help you discover the features that you may not know about and think about Lightroom's features in a new way!

Capture and Metadata

These two tutorials are a great way to change the way you capture and track your images. Tethering is a great skill for studio photographers, while copyright is essential for any professional photographer.

Image Processing and Adjustments

Lightroom has always been a very capable image processor, but in recent it releases Adobe has added some extra special tricks. These tutorials will show you advanced ways to refine the look of your images. Learn more about stitching images together with the photomerge tutorials, or spot refinements with the radial filter tool.

Presentation and Delivery

When you're ready to take your images outside of Adobe Lightroom and share them with viewers, these tutorials are a great choice. Learn more about sending your images to mobile devices or printed products with these tutorials:

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