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10 Best Local News Video Templates and Assets for Adobe After Effects

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Read Time: 3 mins

Creating a local broadcast means great, relevant content for your area. We’ve put together some useful video elements to let you create the look of your news programme easily, so you can focus on getting the scoop!

Here are our ten local broadcast related video elements from Envato Market that are perfect for your news bulletins.

10 Top Local Broadcast Video Templates and Visual Assets

1. Broadcast Countdown

Countdowns are a simple but useful and versatile thing. Use one as part of your intro, or simply to count down to exciting events or reveals. It’s easy to customise and you won’t need a plugin to use it.

Broadcast CountdownBroadcast CountdownBroadcast Countdown
Broadcast Countdown

2. City News

Modern and very cosmopolitan, City News is perfect for a local TV news package. Text and logo placeholders are easy to change and the music is even included with the download.

3. Travel TV Broadcast

With an intro/outro, transitions and text holders, this is a great little travel package, perfect for blogging, educational content or a feature in a local news broadcast. Each element can be edited separately, meaning you can customise until your heart’s content!

Travel TV BroadcastTravel TV BroadcastTravel TV Broadcast
Travel TV Broadcast

4. Local News Pack 2

This project is everything you need to get started with a local broadcast. It includes an opener, lower thirds, info graphics, transitions and much more. With its orange and blue colour scheme, it’s striking but not overpowering.

Local News Pack 2Local News Pack 2Local News Pack 2
Local News Pack 2

5. Headlines

Dramatic and packing some punch, Headlines is probably more suited to a sensationalist or tongue in cheek broadcast rather than serious news. It’s very nicely made and comes with a video tutorial to help you with customising it.


6. Broadcast News

Broadcast News is a classic news package: it looks good, it’s easy to customise and use and you can simply drag and drop your content into the placeholders. The project includes an opener, bumper, transition, lower third and looping background.

Broadcast NewsBroadcast NewsBroadcast News
Broadcast News

7. Modern Broadcast Package

Moving away from a traditional broadcast style, Modern Broadcast Package is fresh and feels very contemporary. This would be well suited to upbeat travel pieces, lifestyle segments and ‘magazine’ style broadcasts.

Modern Broadcast PackageModern Broadcast PackageModern Broadcast Package
Modern Broadcast Package

8. Local News Lower Third Package 2

A professional and sleek set of lower thirds perfect for local news or live broadcasts. The download includes single, double and triple line lower thirds and also a selection of IDs, a scroll bar and bugs (DOGs if you’re in the UK or NZ).

Local News Lower Third Package 2Local News Lower Third Package 2Local News Lower Third Package 2
Local News Lower Third Package 2

9. Local News Pack

A full package of everything you’ll need for a local broadcast (apart from music), this project is sophisticated and will add impact to any news programme.

Local News PackLocal News PackLocal News Pack
Local News Pack

10. Local News Opener

An attention-grabbing and eye-catching opener, Local News Opener is 15 seconds long and full of impressive elements designed to get your broadcast off to the best start possible.

Local News OpenerLocal News OpenerLocal News Opener
Local News Opener

More Top Tools to Help Your Local News Broadcast 

Looking for more elements to help with your broadcast? Here are some articles to help you out.


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