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Makeup for All: Natural Looking Makeup for Men With Darker Skin

Natural Looking Makeup for Men With Darker Skin

Why are we talking about makeup on a Photo & Video site? Because getting your subject wearing the right makeup can save a ton of time in post-production on either a photo or video shoot.

In my Makeup Basics for Photo and Video course, I enlisted makeup artist Eva Jewel to show you how to apply natural-looking makeup for a range of different people. In our last sample lesson, we got an overall introduction to the practice of makeup for photo and video. In this short video you'll see another one of those examples, this time a man with darker skin.

Watch the Tutorial

Watch the Full Course

As this video showed, makeup can make a huge difference in how a subject looks on camera. In the full course, Makeup Basics for Photo and Video, you will learn the basics of makeup for video from a hair and makeup pro. You will learn about what products to use, how to apply makeup, how much to use, and more!

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