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Master Camera Movement With These 3 Courses

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If you want to shoot video successfully, you'll need to have absolute control of camera movement. So to help you, here are three courses that will teach you how to rack focus, how to pan, and how to shoot stable video using a variety of techniques and equipment.

1. Video Production on the Go

Great video production almost always depends on camera support, such as a tripod, shoulder rig, or stabilizer, but shooting handheld can be liberating (and far less expensive). You can shoot faster and go to places where bulky equipment would be prohibitive. But how do you ensure you still get decent footage? 

In this course, you'll learn a few simple methods for shooting stable video with just your hands and body for support, plus a few bonus accessories that help add points of contact for even more stability.

2. Creative Camera Movement: Pan

The way a film or video camera moves in a scene is as much a part of storytelling as the script or actors. In this part of our Creative Camera Movement series, you'll learn about the pan. A pan is a horizontal move: the camera stays in one place, and swivels from left to right or vice versa. In this quick Coffee Break Course, you'll learn why the pan is used, and how to do it well!

3. Creative Camera Movement: How to Rack Focus

The way a film or video camera moves in a scene is as much a part of storytelling as the script or actors. A rack focus—or focus pull—is a creative way to shift the focus from an object or person in the foreground to one in the background, or vice versa. In this Coffee Break Course, you’ll learn why a rack focus is used, and how to do it well!

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