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Master the Essentials of On-Camera Sound in Our Latest Video Course

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Do you want to know how to capture great audio in your next video project?

In our new course, On-Camera Sound: Audio Essentials for Solo Video Producers, you'll learn everything you need to record sound as a solo video operator, from gear and rigging and mic technique to on-camera recording basics. 

Audio recording on a video cameraAudio recording on a video cameraAudio recording on a video camera

What You’ll Learn

In this comprehensive course that includes over two hours of video instruction, you'll gain a solid understanding of recording audio in video projects. Audio expert Dave Bode will teach you everything from the fundamentals of placing the mic and getting audio into the camera right through to the details of level setting, AGC and limiting, and monitoring your audio in the field.

He'll also give you a comprehensive guide to the gear you'll need, the different kinds of microphones and accessories you can choose from, and how each of them works.

By the end of this course, you'll know how to record great audio without losing focus on what's happening around you or the picture in front of you.

Here are some free lessons from this course, as a preview of what you can expect:

Getting Audio Into the Camera

Question: Will this microphone work with this camera? How about these two? In order to use these devices, you have got to know how to connect them properly, and in this video you will find out how!

What Is a Pencil Condenser Microphone?

The pencil condenser can be just what’s needed when a shotgun or lav mic won't work. It's simple to use, and it doesn’t cost a fortune! In this video, you'll learn what a pencil condenser is, how it works, and when you might want to use one.

Level Setting Basics

In this video you will learn how to set levels on your camera to get enough signal to work with, without clipping! You will also find out what to do with that other channel if you are only using one mic.

Take the Course

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