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New Course: Makeup Basics for Photo and Video

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Now that high-definition video is here to stay, viewers are able to see more than they ever have before, so good makeup is extremely important, both for men and women. In Makeup Basics for Photo and Video, you will learn how to use makeup for photo and video applications, both of which require a different approach from everyday makeup. 

What You'll Learn

Video production expert Dave Bode will teach you the basics of makeup for photo and video, with the help of a hair and makeup pro. You will learn about what products to use, how to apply makeup, how much to use, and more! 

The course will also teach you about working with different skin types, and will help you to communicate with people so that you don't make them feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. By the end, you'll know how to use makeup to hide blemishes and make your subjects look great, while also appearing completely natural. 

Here's a free preview of some of the lessons from this course:

Makeup for Photography

High-power strobes and telephoto lenses allow us to see faces in great detail, and getting the makeup right is critical. In this lesson you will learn how photography changes how you apply makeup. We'll take a "less is more" approach, and show how makeup reflects light differently depending on your flash.

Natural-Looking Makeup for Women With Medium Skin

The course includes in-depth makeup demonstrations on men and women with different skin types. In this video you will learn how to approach makeup for women with medium skin.

Building a Basic Makeup Kit

It's always helpful to have a bit of makeup on hand to handle quick fixes. In this lesson you will learn about some products you might want to have in your kit.

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