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New Course: The Instructional Video

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As companies work to build brand loyalty, product awareness, and cut down on support calls, instructional videos are becoming very popular. With the right personality, instructional videos can even become entertainment! 

In our new course, The Instructional Video, you will learn how to put together a high-quality, multi-camera instructional video. 

What You'll Learn

Video production expert Dave Bode will teach you how to secure talent for your video, how to work through a script, and how to handle the logistics of the shoot. 

You will learn how to plan for the production process by thinking about lighting, camera positions, audio, and teleprompter needs. You will see how the lighting is set up in the space from multiple camera angles. 

Then you will see a live demo of an instructional video being shot with behind-the-scenes cameras, so you can see the interaction between the director, talent, and the other crew. This will give you a lot of insight into how to coach your talent to get the best performance possible! 

You will also see how to work with a second shooter to get the coverage and details you need for the final product. 

Here are some free lessons from this course, as a preview of what you can expect:

Stage Plotting

In order to make best use of talent and crew time, you will want to have an idea of the setup of your lights, audio, and camera gear ahead of time. In this video you will see how to put together a stage plot for a shoot.

Camera Matching and Second Shooter Direction

Before you start shooting, it is important to make sure that your cameras are set up to be matched as closely as possible, especially when it comes to color and frame rate. In this video you will learn what you need to think about to get your cameras matched! You will also learn how to communicate what you need with your second shooter.

The Shoot

Now it's time for the shoot itself. You will learn about coaching your talent through dialog, directing action, and keeping the mood light and fun on set! In this video you'll start from the beginning, with the introduction.

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