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New Course: Video Editing in Final Cut Pro

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Getting started with professional video editing software used to be a long and complex journey, heavy on technical know-how and computer expertise. That's all changed with the release of Apple's Final Cut Pro X. Now beginners and pros alike can skip the immense learning curve and jump directly to the fun, creative, and satisfying parts of video editing, without losing any of the professional features. 

In Video Editing in Final Cut Pro, you'll learn how to use Final Cut Pro X to import, organize, edit, and export a fun video—without having to pull any hair out.

What You'll Learn

One of the best reasons to learn Final Cut Pro X (FCPX) is so you can edit the personal and family moments you might already have into a short and fun video to share with friends. Using a consumer DSLR for the video footage, along with photos from a smartphone and a GoPro time-lapse, Emmy-nominated documentary filmmaker Slavik Boyechko will show you all the steps needed to edit a video of a weekend family outing in Anchorage, Alaska.

Here's a free preview of some of the lessons from this course:

The Magnetic Timeline

The primary difference between FCPX and other video editing programs is the magnetic timeline. Whereas other programs have a series of free-floating video and audio tracks stacked above and below each other, FCPX has one main track, with all the secondary video and audio clips connected to it like branches on a tree. In this lesson you’ll learn how to best use the timeline, and we'll also discuss why many new users love the magnetic feature, while editors accustomed to other programs can take a while to get used to it.


There are lots of great ways to combine your photos into time-lapse videos, and in this lesson you’ll learn how to import a time-lapse video file, as well as how to import hundreds of photos directly into FCPX for time-lapse assembly within the program. And since we used a GoPro for our time-lapse, we’ll also briefly look at a free third-party plugin to reshape your GoPro footage from that fisheye, wide-angle look to a flatter, more realistic image.

Basic Color Correction

FCPX has a simple automated color correction feature that can definitely make your video look better, but most of the time we can do a better job by manually color grading our footage. We’ll adjust exposure, saturation, and overall color, and you’ll learn how to copy and paste the color correction to other similar clips. We’ll also use a free plugin to give the movie a consistent color look across the board with an adjustment layer.

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