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New Photography Contest With $5,000 in Prizes

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Our parent company Envato recently launched a new collection of photography called Unstock. The idea is to provide images that are shot to feel natural, raw and fresh, in contrast to some of those traditional stock photos that look staged or stilted.

To celebrate the launch, and to give more photographers a chance to be part of this collection, we're running a contest with $5,000 in prize money for the best new photos selected for the Unstock Collection.

Unstock screenshotUnstock screenshotUnstock screenshot

What You Can Win

Each photo selected will win $5 per photo. In addition, there's a “Best Photo” contest where all photos uploaded to the marketplace between 5 November and 28 January will have a chance to win awesome bonus prizes!

The best photos in ten different categories will win $500 each, so it's worth taking a look at the full contest announcement to find out more about these specific categories!

What to Enter

Enter your best images, but keep in mind that the goal of Unstock is to break with conventional stock photography trends. The photos you enter should be authentic, unusual and unique. They should capture the real world, and not look staged or manipulated. 

Basically if it looks like the traditional type of stock photos then we’re probably not going to select it.

You can check out Unstock to get an idea of what kinds of images are selected.

How to Enter

More details are available in the contest announcement. You should also read the full Terms & Conditions which are summarised here:

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