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Over 100 Awesome Aerial Photographs


Are you willing to arm wrestle people for the window seat on airplane just for the chance to take pictures? If you answered "yes,"  you will definitely like the photographs below. In this collection, we have photos from airplanes, balloons, RC planes and even kites! Aerial photography has its roots in World War and has been used for real estate and construction projects, tourism, and spying. It has now become a real art form.

If you are passionate about aerial photography, please check out the work of Alex Maclean and Yann Arthus-Bertrand, both are masters of the craft.

For those just starting out in this field, read the following:


Chris Goldberg

William Cho

Nathan Kendall

Katka Samková

Juan Alvarez

Ricky Gui

Dr. Len Radin

Gurbir Singh Brar

Ippei & Janine Naoi

Klaus Leidorf

Ryan MacLean

Hussam Qasem

Saharsh Cherian

John Petrick

Kevin Dickert

Michele Molinari

Heilah Alnasser



Marcus Bradbury

Andrew Mace


Navid Baraty

Kenneth Wu

Dave Brosha

David Wheeler

Jiff Milsteen

Graham Hicks

Craig Wilson

Darshan Chakma

Jeff Wool

Rafe Cookinghamus

Simon Phipps

Andrew Hounslea

Irene Suchocki

Stas Kulesh

Jerry Ting

Nicolas Gaire

Lynn Morag

William Cho

Tanja Tiziana

Hengki Koentjoro

Lyndsey Matthews

Cris Benton

Pete Dunkel

Hank LeClair

Michael J. Slezak

Carlos Toledo

Reggie Wan

Gil Desnoyers (Deltakap)

Mike Lavoie

Irina Souiki

Giancarlo Giupponi Trentino

Vicente Piorno

Ben Visbeek

Alida Thorpe

Robin Davies

Billy Plummer

Linda Geng


Laurent Névo


Don Iannone

Sandra Leidholdt


David Small

Doug Bull

Pedro Szekely

Washington State Dept of Transportation

Alex Olguin

Michael Foley

Ricardo Mendonça Ferreira

United Nations Photo/Fred Noy

Scott Largent

Royal New Zealand Navy


Will Luo

Carolina Ödman

David B. Gleason

Jeff Attaway

Mike Willis

Eric E Yang

David Kinney





The U.S. Army

Seattle Municipal Archives

Bob Jagendorf

Timo Noko

Further Reading

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I hope you enjoyed this photography collection. Feel free to share links to other inspiring images – your own, or other’s – in the comments, and please make sure you comment on the original photographer’s photos as well. I really thank all photographers who openly and happily permitted me to display their photographs here. Those who wish to see their photos on Photo Tuts+ in near future can ping me at Send in your entries using the email option.

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