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Photo Critique #136

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Friday Photo Critique is our weekly community project, where we publish a photograph submitted by one of our wonderful readers, then ask you all to offer constructive feedback on the image. It’s a great way to learn more about photography, express your viewpoint, and have your own image critiqued!

Quick Ground Rules

  1. Play nice! We’ve deliberately chosen photographs that aren’t perfect, so please be constructive with any criticism.
  2. Feel free to offer any type of advice – composition, lighting, post-processing etc.
  3. You can also link to photographs that you feel offer a great example of this type of image shot exceptionally well.

Without further ado, here is this week’s candidate for Friday Photo Critique!

The Photograph

Photo Details & Inspiration

  • Canon 500D
  • 188mm
  • f/11
  • 1/250
  • ISO 400

I wanted to capture the beautiful warm sunset setting over the sea at Lepe Beach in the South of England. I spent about two hours standing there with my tripod waiting for that perfect picture, which I eventually got. I focused on a wooden post sitting in the water and just took a series of photos as birds flew over. The small aperture combined with a medium shutter speed allowed me to create the silhouette of the bird, the post and the land in the background creating a wonderful effect. This is my favourite picture as it creates a warm and summer feeling.

Photographer: Oliver McQuitty

Please let us know what you think in the comments – how would you have approached the scene or taken the photo differently? A massive thank you to everyone who commented last week.

The most constructive and helpful comments will be featured on the site. Interested in submitting your own photo? You can do so here!

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