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Photo News Roundup: Dec. 16-22

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Photo News of the Week is a new feature on Phototuts+ bringing you the news from all aspects of photography. It is a quick way to keep up with technology, trends and leaders in the craft. And if you have news from the week to share, please drop a link in the comments!

Each week we'll be featuring three items from three different areas of photography. If you have suggestions for our news roundup, please email them here.

Community: Focussion photo critique website

If you're looking to take your photography to the level, there's nothing better than constructive criticism. Lucky, there's a website just for it. Focussion allows you to upload photos and get them critiqued by others who are passionate about their craft. Even if you don't have anything you're willing to post for public scrutiny, browsing the site is a good way to improve your visual literacy. By viewing the images, you can see which images work and which images fail, more importantly, you can read why.

Ebook: How Award-Winning Travel Photographs Are Taken by Mitchell Kanashkevich

Photography guide publisher, Light Stalking has just released a new ebook about travel photography. The author, Mitchell Kanashkevich, a photographer for Getty and Corbis and who's work has been seen on the cover of Geographical magazine and Digital SLR Photographer as well as in many other magazines. The new ebook takes an in-depth look at several specific photographs. You can see more of Kanashkevich's work on his website,

App: Wander, a photo penpal site

Wander is a free smartphone app for iPhone with an Android version in the works. Here's how it works. You sign up and give the app your general location. The app matches you with another user in a different location called your "guide." Then the app will prompt you and your guide with three daily photo assignments, such as one asking you to photograph what's out your window. For a week, you can exchange photos and change, then the app will assign you a new guide in a new location. I'm very excited about this, it's the very best of social media, wireless internet and mobile photography all wrapped into one. If you're interested in different cultures or parts of the world, this is for you. If you're interested in making connections with people across the globe, this is for you. The app has a built-in translator as well!

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