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Photo Round-Up: The World's Relationship with Food - Blog Action Day

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Originally founded by Envato, BLOG ACTION DAY is focused on encouraging bloggers from all over the world to unite to blog about a particularly important global topic, all on the same day. In past years, the topics have included water, climate change and poverty, but this year the topic is Food and coincides with World Food Day. The hope is to focus the world's attention upon food, our need for it and the inequalities which surround the topic.

The World's Relationship with Food

Here at Phototuts+, we thought about how we could represent the world of food photographically and decided to put together one of our inspirational round-ups highlighting in particular the varying relationships we have with food across the globe.

Some people work with food every day, growing and harvesting crops or working in food production factories. This all prepares food for life as a consumer good in supermarkets, cafes and restaurants. Then the food is preparing and served for us to enjoy.

We use food to celebrate at weddings, birthdays, and family gatherings. It brings people together, for enjoyment. However, some people's relationship with food is more challenging, many people suffer from illnesses related to tainted food supplies. In many countries in the world, it is a daily struggle for some to find enough food to sustain themselves and they spend every waking hour striving to earn enough to feed their families.

I hope that this collection of photographs represents some of those relationships between food and people from across the world and acts as an insight into the way that you view food.

Photo Collection

Jessica Reeder - USA

hlkljgk - USA

Lithfin - Russia

Acmoraes - Brazil

Angelocesare - Tanzania

Comrade Foot - Denmark

H Michael Knight - USA

CIAT - Kenya

Java - Indonesia

HaydnSeek - USA

Kthred - USA

Svadilfari - USA

Shyky Seraj - Bangladesh

Shyky Seraj - Bangladesh

Dr EG - India

GMTBillings - USA

GMTBillings - USA

Dr EG - India

Natalie Maynor - USA

JPBennett - Egypt

Rusvaplauke - Lithuania

Jeffreyww - USA


Roblisameehan - Morocco

Maple Veins - USA

MMChicago - USA

The Edinburgh Blog - Scotland

Sonictk - Singapore

Anhijeetrane - Germany

Avlxyz - Australia

Melissa Gray - Scotland

Rain Rannu - Finland - Holland

Mamonello - USA

Sergey Vladimirov - Russia

Jamie Anne - Australia

FotoosVanRobin - Holland /a>

Localjapantimes - Japan

IFAHafendorfRheinsberg - Germany

Jamie Anne 2 - Australia

UniqueHotels - Estonia

Edsel - USA

Half Chinese - China

Mein Halle - Switzerland

Alfanick - Poland

Matupplevelser - Sweden

Meanest Indian - India

Alessandraelle - Italy

Michael Clarke - Russia

Comrade Foot - Denmark

Corey Ann - USA

Rain Rannu - Finland

Better Than Bacon - USA

Kenski1970 - Belgium

LavenderStreak - Nepal

Stash10 - Hong Kong

Gbaku - Senegal

Enough Project - Sudan

White African - Kenya

Babasteve - Mozambique

Afghanistan Matters - Afghanistan

Kenny Holston - Afghanistan

Jitze - USA

JM Photos - USA

Aigle Dore - Italy

Josh Rothman - UK

Andrew Stawarz - Berlin

Visualthinker - USA

Mararie - Holland

Tinazduzgen - USA

Florian - USA

RamseyEverydayPants - USA

UggBoy - Greece

Further Reading

Here are a few links to really useful tutorials and articles that will teach you more about this type of photography:

Share Your Own Images!

I hope you've enjoyed the photographs and that they've inspired you to go out and capture something amazing for yourself! We'd love to see your favorite images illustrated international food situations. Just post a comment and link below. Also, feel free to link to any resources that you've found particularly helpful in this area.

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