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Quick Tip: Four Fun, Funky Frame Ideas

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Framing pictures can be something of a mundane process. It's easy to fall into the trap of using standard frame sizes, styles and materials, leaving little to the imagination. If you bring creativity and fresh ideas to your photography on a regular basis, why not extend that to creative ways of displaying your photos for everyone to see?

Today's quick tip will be looking at four fun, funky ways to frame your photos in style.

1. The Magnetic Photo Rope

Photojojo's magnetic photo rope is certainly an eye catching way to display your photos, and makes it easy to regularly change those on display. You attach prints to the rope using small, powerful magnets, and it can be used for displaying anything made of paper - not just photos!

This makes a great gift for any of your photographer friends, or you could package it up with a few of your photos for friends and family!

photo frame ideasphoto frame ideasphoto frame ideas

2. Span Across Several Frames

This eye-catching collage was put together by Ginger Anyhow, and makes for a fascinating composition. Although this is obviously not created from one photo, it's possible to achieve a very similar effect with your own photos. Just crop out a selection of different parts of an image, print them seperately, then frame them together to make a fun composition!

photo frame ideasphoto frame ideasphoto frame ideas

3. Polaroid Picture Frames

There's a certain nostalgic feeling surrounding the classic Polaroid print, and it can a fun concept to recreate when framing your photos. There are a few ways to do this, depending upon whether you're creative enough to make your own, or would just prefer to pick up a pre-made set of frames.

Buy a Set of Polaroid Picture Frames

These look great, and are fairly inexpensive at $20 for a set of nine. You can easily slide in any photo you'd like to display, swap and change regularly, and even write on the white dry-erase surface with a whiteboard marker. They're available from the Photojojo store.

photo frame ideasphoto frame ideasphoto frame ideas

Make Your Own

If you're feeling a little more adventurous and have a few old polaroid cartridges lying around, this handy tutorial walks you through how to use them as a nostalgic frame. You can either stand it up on your desk, or hang them on a wall:

photo frame ideasphoto frame ideasphoto frame ideas

4. A Frame Within a Frame

For the final concept, let's take a step back to when you actually take a photo. Why not include a frame in the image? It can be used to fun effect with casual portraits, and is a great way to isolate a particular part of a scene.

Here are a few examples to offer some inspiration!

photo frame ideasphoto frame ideasphoto frame ideas

Image by PhotoPhreak

photo frame ideasphoto frame ideasphoto frame ideas

Image by FrodoBabbs

photo frame ideasphoto frame ideasphoto frame ideas

Image by radioflyer007

Share Your Frame Ideas!

Have you put together a particularly unique or unusual photo collage in the past? How do you frame your images? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments, so please feel free to share!

Article Photo by sicoactiva.

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