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Quick Tip: Practice Print Generosity

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This post is part of a series called Printing.
Finishing Your Photographs: Picking Your Medium

Different photographers take different approaches towards giving out prints. Some charge a fairly high fee and handle printing entirely themselves, others are happy to provide high-res digital files for a client to order their own.

Today I'll be suggesting a few innovative ways to be generous with printing, and highlighting why I think it's an important idea to get right!

Generosity = Repeat Business

Your personal stance and the circumstances of each shoot will dictate how you deal with printing, but one thing's for sure; you want to be remembered in a positive light. Practicing print generosity is a great way to win repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals.

Here are a few quick tips to give this impression whether shooting an event, or friends and family:

Shooting an Event

If you're photographing an event - whether a wedding, birthday, or anything else - it can be a great idea to find a time when you're able to print a few sample copies of images you've taken on the day. Don't be stingy. Aim to use good quality photo paper and, if you're worried about the cost, print wallet-sized photos, fitting four on a 4x6" print.

You can hand these around to the guests along with a few of your business cards. They'll be impressed at how quickly you've produced such stunning images, and it will make for a great talking point.

You never know how many of the other guests at a wedding are likely to be getting married in the next few years. Showing yourself in a generous and enthusiastic light is the perfect way to win new business.

MOO Printing

One idea I've found to work well after the event is to include a packet of MOO cards along with any prints ordered by the client (particularly if it's a large set of prints!). These can be produced in all different shapes and sizes, and they go a long way towards showing how much you care about your clients.

photography printsphotography printsphotography prints

You can take a look at what's on offer at the MOO website.

Friends and Family

Next time you're stuck for an present idea for an auntie, grandmother or daughter, think about how you can work your photography into a gift for them. It could be a calendar, a photo book, a even a framed picture or canvas. Providing the photo means something to them (a family shot, or maybe a beautiful landscape they love to visit), they'll be incredibly grateful.

photography printsphotography printsphotography prints

Although this makes for a great gift, it's another way to have your work on display. People visiting your friends and family might take an interest and want a print for themselves!

Personally, I avoid "gimmicky" photo gifts. Having your beautiful photo printed on a mousepad or mug might seem like a great idea, but it's hardly the best way to display the quality of your work!

Leave a Positive Impression!

The most important thing to take away from this tip is that generosity is one of the best ways to leave a positive impression, and have your name passed along in an enthusiastic light (obviously in addition to actually shooting some great images!). Don't overlook how much people appreciate the small touches!

Photo by Sarah and Mike.

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