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Quick Tip: Top 5 Photojournalism News Sites


The internet has given newspapers new opportunities to display journalistic photos and a chance to portray stories in formats that go beyond the printed page. Good photojournalism should portray a story in a single image and I believe should instigate thoughts and reaction from the viewer. This is a short guide to some of the best photojournalism news sites on the web.

The BBC – In Pictures

The BBC In Pictures site has a vast array of journalistic photos as well as user generated content. The 'Day In Pictures' section displays around 10 high quality shots from the day's events around the world.

There is also a great selection of more specific photo stories, slideshows and featured galleries, covering a wide selection of topics. In addition, you have the opportunity to submit your own photos based on a weekly topic.

photojournalism news websites

Boston - Big Picture

The Boston.com Big Picture site is my favourite photo journalism site, gathering together shots from the world's best news and photo networks such as Reuters and Getty.

Each collection of photos portrays one story, each comprising a considerable set of stunning images that give a comprehensive overview of the topic involved. The large format and quality of images make this a site that requires time to look through, for enjoyment and consideration.

photojournalism news websites

New York Times

The New York Times are at the forefront of up-to-the-hour online news content. Their photo and multimedia section boasts a vast amount of slideshows portraying a wide selection of up-to-date news and sports stories.

The best feature of the site though, is their audio/visual content, breaking new ground in photojournalism, combining photographic slideshows with recorded audio and interviews from the subjects, which is considered to be a format that we will be seeing a lot more of in the future.

photojournalism news websites

The Washington Post

The Washington Post offers selections of photos covering one story at a time, in a similar fashion to the Boston Big Picture. The quality of the shots are extremely high, but what attracts me to this site is the collections of shots regarding sports, fashion and celebrity, where as the other sites focus more on world news.

photojournalism news websites


Finally, the MSNBC site doesn't offer a comprehensive collection of photographs, but their 'Week In Pictures' feature displays a great array of shots from the week's events in a simple slideshow format with the option to vote for your favourite.

photojournalism news websites


Also worth checking out is the Guardian Eyewitness website and iPad application. We reviewed this recently on Phototuts+, and found it to be a fantastic resource for daily photo inspiration!

Are there any other sites that you regularly use for amazing photos of current events? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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