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Recording Amazing Video With a Digital SLR — Tuts+ Premium Course

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Tuts+ Premium has recently released a new course, Recording Video With a DSLR. The course covers equipment, accessories, cinematography theory and much more, and we'd thoroughly recommend taking a look! Read on to find out a little more about what it covers.

Watch the Introduction

What You'll Learn

A Digital SLR camera is primarily designed for still photos, not movies. In order to shoot video, you need to broaden your knowledge and consider an array of technical issues, hardware considerations, and better understand the challenges of shooting video instead of still images.

This course will walk you through everything you need to know. From thinking about how you can effectively record audio, to considering which types of lens to use and how to stabilise your video. You'll be shooting professional standard video with your DSLR in no time! Learn more about this Tuts+ Premium course.


  • DSLR History
  • Types of DSLR's

Know Your Camera

  • Camera Preferences
  • The Hardware
  • The Fallbacks
  • The Firmware


  • The Rig
  • Sound
  • DSLR Toys
  • Lenses

A New Way of Thinking

  • Cinematography
  • A Small Camera

Post Production

  • The Workflow
  • Color Correction

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