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Reprography: Digitize Your 2D Artwork, With David Bode

Welcome to the Weekly What's Up! Here's a look at what's planned for the Envato Tuts+ Photo & Video section this week.

Featured Course: Transferring Artwork to the Digital Domain

In this week's course from Dave Bode, Transferring Artwork to the Digital Domain, you'll learn how to take any flat object—pictures, artworks, documents—and create a high resolution digital copy. Dave shows how to work quickly and accurately using a copy stand and copy lighting. In this preview interview we learn more about how this works, who this course is for, some very useful photo skills you'll pick up along the way.

Dave Bodes copystand setupDave Bodes copystand setupDave Bodes copystand setup


Today, Marie Gardiner shows how to become a wedding photographer in 60 seconds.


Tuesday, Andrew Childress has a guide to some must-have next-level Adobe Lightroom skills. Last week he outlined how to get started with Lightroom.


Wednesday, Dawn Oosterhoff gives us the ABCs of picture sorting, part of our series on digital asset management. Previously, we learned how to name and organize our image files, and how to set the date and time in your camera.


On Thursday, Dave's digitization course publishes, and Harry Guinness has his first entry in the Look at This! series: an underwater photograph. Last time, Marie took us poolside.


Friday, we take a ride with Google maps' streetview, and Jeffrey Opp considers the value of using streetview as a camera. In prior tutorials, Jeffrey looked at how to make a photo sphere with Google Camera, how to make on with your digital camera, how to embed them on your website.

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