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Richard Meyer on Alice Austen

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Just because you didn’t get to go to that awesome photography conference doesn’t mean that you can’t learn something from the pros! Occasionally, we’ll be featuring a recommended photography lecture or interview on Phototuts+.

Richard Meyer is a professor at the University of Southern California. In his lecture at the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts, he talks about a photographer from the late 1800s and early 1900s named Alice Austen. He explores her work through the lens of femininity and gender roles. He also explores the unknown work of women in an, until recently, male dominated art world.

This lecture is a bit longer than our normal selections, but the variety of great photographs and the compelling subject matter make it worth it.

You can learn more about the Sam Fox School of Design and Visual Arts in St. Louis here. You can learn more about Richard Meyer on his faculty page on the USC website here. And finally, you can learn about Alice Austen at the Alice Austen House historical landmark page here/.

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