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Sonic Slideshow #1: Autumn - Submit Your Photo!

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Photo slideshows are always a fun, dynamic way to show off your images. Today we're going to embark on a new community project, Sonic Slideshow. We'll ask you to submit one of your photos on a particular theme, and will pick the best entries to include in a beautiful video slideshow next week (accompanied by an awesome soundtrack from AudioJungle).

It's a great way to showcase your work on the site, and be part of a fun project! This month's theme is Autumn, so we're looking for entries related to this time of year. Read on for more information, and details on how to submit your photo!

Golden Autumn

It's a beautiful time of year. Leaves turn red, everything looks golden, and photographic opportunities abound everywhere. If you have a photo that fits the bill, we'd love to see it!

Sonic SlideshowSonic SlideshowSonic Slideshow

How To Enter

To have your photo considered for use in our slideshow, you just need to add it to the Sonic Slideshow Flickr Group! Your photo should be available full-size, with a minimum width or height of 2000px.

We'll pick around thirty of the best images in one week, and use those in the slideshow (we'll credit you with a link to your Flickr account as well).

The best three images, selected by Phototuts+ and AudioJungle, will also receive a special prize of an Envato T-Shirt and $20 marketplace credit!

What's AudioJungle?

As well as the Tuts+ network, Envato™ also run a series of marketplaces for buying and selling digital goods. One such marketplace is AudioJungle, crammed with all manner of audio and music files for you to purchase. These could make the perfect compliment to your photo slideshow, and are definitely worth checking out!

Preview image by Nicholas T.

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