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Sonic Slideshow #5: Speed

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After publishing our call for entries a few weeks ago, I'm pleased to let you know that we've now completed our fourth Sonic Slideshow! Combining your photography with a soundtrack from our sister site, AudioJungle, we've created another fantastic photo slideshow (with a few prizes to boot!) featuring image that show speed.

58 years ago today in California, Jacqueline Cochran climbed into the cockpit of a Canadair F-86 Sabre borrowed from the Canadian Royal Air Force. She proceeded to become the first woman to break the sound barrier. Cochran reminds us that speed is not just about thrills, but about pushing the limits and testing what we are capable of. To commemorate her achievements, we bring you a gorgeous series of images representing the speed submitted by readers, and - to top it all off - our winners announcement!

The Sonic Slideshow Video!

The audio used in this track is called "Games". Congratulations to hamditheone - you'll be the proud recipient of $20 marketplace credit!

Our Chosen Photos

Here are all the photos that made it into the slideshow this time around. Thanks to everyone who submitted their images, and I hope the following shots inspire you to capture some movement with your camera!


Anil Patel

Aditya Kamath

Bradley "chewybacon" Dove-Dixon

Chris Suspect

Chris Suspect

Aaron Zipagan

Esben Christensen Skov


Matthew Gray

Mr. Phidippus

Brian E

Brian E

Thomas Maier

Simone Gig

Steve Sagrott

Sven Broeckx

Thomas cmyk

Tyler Oxendine


The Winners

Congratulations to the three winners of this month's Sonic Slideshow, who will be receiving $20 marketplace credit! They are:

Winners, please get in touch with us via email at photo@tutsplus.com with your details. Thanks!

Stay tuned for future editions of Sonic Slideshow, and thanks again for submitting all of your fantastic photos. It was a pleasure to go through and choose our favourites!

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