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Submit Your Favorite Photography Tip and You Could Win $500!


We’re excited to let you know about our Phototuts+ photography tip competition, giving you the chance to win $500 to put towards new camera equipment! All you have to do is submit a short video or screencast that showcases your favorite photography tip or trick.

This contest is now closed. Click here to see who won!

Submit Your Tips & Tricks

We’d love to hear all about your photography-related tips and tricks, from how you pose subjects to a demonstration of how you captured an awesome photo. Be as creative as possible, just make sure it's educational!

All you need to do in order to enter the competition is:

  1. Record a video of your favorite photography tip or trick (the video must five minutes or less!)
  2. Write a short description, including why you think it’s so useful
  3. Upload the video to YouTube
  4. Paste the description into a comment below and with a link to your video
  5. We’ll also be using this process to find a few awesome contributors for Phototuts+, so this is your chance to impress us with your writing, videography and photography skills!
  6. Submit as many videos as you like!

To stand the best chance of winning, be sure to:

  • Record audio using a high quality microphone
  • Record high quality, professional level HD video
  • Stabilize your video
  • Keep it at or under five minutes!

Terms and Conditions

  • The winner of the prize will be chosen by the Phototuts+ editor, based on which video he thinks is the most informative, unique, and professional.
  • Our decision on the best entry will be final.
  • Entries will close at midnight, March 12th.
  • The winner will be contacted via email, on or before March 17th.
  • By submitting a video, you’re giving us permission to publish it on the site (we'll be showcasing the winning video).
  • The prize will be distributed based on cash value — the winner of the competition will be sent US$500 via PayPal. You’ll need a PayPal account to accept the prize!
  • Envato staff, contractors, and regular writers (anyone who has contributed two or more articles to the Tuts+ network) are not eligible to enter.

Example Video

To give you an idea of the type of content we're looking for, here's a quick example that walks you through setting up the "My Menu" feature on your Canon 5D Mark II.

How to Setup "My Menu" on Your Canon DSLR
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