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Phototuts+ is approaching its second birthday. Over the last two years, we've covered everything from lighting to post-processing, from darkrooms to Lightroom. Even with our large archive, we know there is still work to do, and we want to hear from you! Let us know what we should concentrate on. We're constantly looking for new topics to cover and ways to improve the site. Let your opinion be heard. You can suggest topics you'd like to see covered, give us feedback on how you think the site should operate, and share any other ideas you have.

UserVoice pages!

We use a system called UserVoice to get community feedback. It's a neat system which lets you not only make suggestions and give feedback, but also to vote on other people's ideas. We check these regularly and we will do our best to give you what you want!

Send Your Thoughts

As always feel free to email your suggestions and feedback to photo@tutsplus.com.

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If you're a Twitter user, don't forget to Follow Phototuts+ on Twitter for links, posts and general chatter! You'll also find our other Tuts+ sites on Twitter including the main @tutsplus feed for network news and site launches.

Find us on Facebook

You can like Phototuts+ on Facebook, and get links to all our tutorials and articles. Share them with your friends or just let know what you think about them.

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