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10 Top Intro Themes for Engaging Podcasts and Videos

There is no one right way to start a video properly; a lot of that comes down to personal style and how you’d like to represent yourself and your work. Having access to tracks that are short in length with a start and natural finish adds a layer of finesse to your project.

In this roundup, we’ve put together some of our favourite Intro instrumentals using Envato Elements to help you find the right sound.

Faders on a audio control consoleFaders on a audio control consoleFaders on a audio control console

Picking music for your project should be enjoyable. Envato Elements allows you to create defined collections you can easily manage, making it a breeze to preview your top choices quickly and efficiently.

1. Reaching the top

An engaging track that is all about action and adventure. Reaching the top comes with three lengths to help easily fit your needs.

2. Inspiring Ambient Glitch

Inspiring Ambient Glitch is a short and versatile piece that could be used in a variety of ways depending on your content. It’s clean, concise, and professional.

3. Inspiring Cinematic

This building intro would be perfect for your videos wanting emotional weight. The horns and arpeggiated strings give life to this adventurous track while the marching drums carry you forward.

4. Glitchy Elegant Digital

This glitchy track is a great lead in to any type of news or announcement-based content. It has a familiar sound with a professional edge.

5. Minimal Marimba 

Minimal sums this track up well. Though being one of the longer songs on this list, it has a lot of potential to be cut to any length due to its sparse composition. This simple track has endless possibilities.

6. Just a Perfect Day

Just a Perfect Day is a great background track, which has three available lengths. Simple refrains with a gentle build that allows the keep the focus where you’d like it.

7. Extreme Motorcycle Action

Fast, flowing, and catchy. Extreme Motorcycle Action is a song fitted for action sports, and adventure. Try using this track with some creative transitions.

8. The War is Not Over

Trying to find the right music to match the tone of your work can be tricky. The War is Over is dramatic and suspenseful, lending itself well to your content with a bit of mystery.  

9. Energetic Pop Riff

A classic sound with a memorable riff, this track is loud and to the point.  

10. A Perfect World

This is a carelessly optimistic track that has its roots in folk. If you’re project is looking for catchy and carefree song, A Perfect World is something to check out.

Have Fun!

This collection is a great starting point. Check out our full library to find exactly what you are looking for.

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