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Top 10 Video Templates With Unconventional Colours (for After Effects and Premiere)

Everyone loves a splash of colour now and then, who wants to be subtle all the time? For those times that you're ready to go all out, here are ten colourful templates that will do the job!

First, here are a few of our top tips for working with bright colours:

  • Even if you just fancy some bright colours in your production, remember that they can unconsciously influence emotions, so still choose ones suitable to your production.
  • If you change the colours in the pre-made templates, make sure you're still choosing colour combinations that won't make people switch off. Applying little colour theory can really help.
  • Stay true to your brand, even when being 'enthusiastic' with colour choices!

The ten templates shown here are from Envato Elements, where you can download as many as you like for one monthly subscription.

Coloured Templates for Adobe After Effects

1. Colors Of Twirls 

Enjoy gorgeous pastel-coloured swirls of smoke coming together to reveal your logo in this gentle template for After Effects.

Colors Of Twirls Colors Of Twirls Colors Of Twirls
Colors Of Twirls 

2. Colorful Particle Logo Intro

Reveal your logo in three consecutive splashes of colour with this easy-to-customise template. Simply drop in your logo, adjust the settings, and render.

3. Color Fusion

Pop on your sunglasses because this video template is BRIGHT. Just add text and pictures or footage to the placeholders for a colourful, funky slideshow or project opener.

Color FusionColor FusionColor Fusion
Color Fusion

4. Colorful Glass Opener

With a mix of round bokeh and coloured ‘fluid’ glass, this unusual opener would be a good addition to a creative project looking to make a statement!

Colorful Glass OpenerColorful Glass OpenerColorful Glass Opener
Colorful Glass Opener

5. Colorful Logo Reveal

A clean background means the colourful logo reveal really pops in this template for After Effects. You can adjust the colour slices, flares, particles and more.

6. Colors Of Liquid Logo Reveal

Brightly coloured liquid swirls outwards to reveal your logo at the centre. This would be a great template for any art-based projects.

Colors Of Liquid Logo RevealColors Of Liquid Logo RevealColors Of Liquid Logo Reveal
Colors Of Liquid Logo Reveal

7. Color Logo

If you’ve a corporate project that needs a little pizzazz then try this logo template. As well as having funky colours, it also makes great use of a mix of flares, particles and other effects.

Color LogoColor LogoColor Logo
Color Logo

Coloured Templates for Adobe Premiere Pro

8. Candy Titles 

In a fun and bubbly cartoon style, Candy Titles for Premiere Pro consists of 50 animated options with a choice of bold and wacky colours.

Candy Titles Candy Titles Candy Titles
Candy Titles 

9. Colorful Ribbon Logo Reveal

Streams of vivid ribbon spool into the centre of the frame and reveal your logo. You can mix up the colours to suit your brand.

10. Watercolor Parallax Slideshow

For a more subtle, matte style with your coloured template, try Watercolor Parallax Slideshow. There are 12 placeholders for both media and text and you don’t need any plugins to use it.

Watercolor Parallax SlideshowWatercolor Parallax SlideshowWatercolor Parallax Slideshow
Watercolor Parallax Slideshow

More Tips for Fun and Colourful Video Editing

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