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Top 15 Adobe After Effects Project Files of 2016

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Are you ready? Here are your top After Effects files of 2016 from VideoHive!

Elegant and Stylish

Streamlined, bold and modern; these highly adjustable and no fuss templates will add effortless beauty to your project.

Minimal Titles

30 animated titles and lower thirds that will give your project a streamlined aesthetic.

Flat Graphics Event Opener

A bold, modern opener for conferences and meetings, this sophisticated template with on-trend flat graphics adds sleek credibility to your event.

Classic Frame Opener

Simple frame animation, subtle light leaks and slide graphics give your project clean, soothing visuals.

Bold and Edgy Templates

Add impact with distortion, glitches, light leaks and more in these varied templates for all types of projects.

Glitch Distortion Titles

Glitch effects are in. A modern take on glitch for a subtle distortion effects will add digital drama to your project.

Geometric Distortion Opener

Add impact with this beautiful geometric-inspired opener sequence; bringing glitch distortion, bold animated graphics and a black and white aesthetic.

Urban Grit Showreel

Vibrant but edgy, this versatile pack gets you there. Harness the energy of the urban environment with glitch effects, lens dirt and modern aesthetics.

Light Leaks Dreamscape Opener

Create a moody, dream-like effect with 3D blur, impressionistic transforms, colorful light leaks and lens dirt.

Fun and Lighthearted Templates

Bring creative fun and life to your projects with various solutions to a number of content and production needs.

Two-In-One Logo Reveal

Two openers in one! Build suspense with a comic book style, or capture a fun, upbeat vibe with the ‘love’ opener.

Golden Burnish Intro

This particle effects treatment adds glimmer and texture to your logo, animation or title sequence.

Kaleidoscope Effects

Kaleidoscope effects and adjustable glass settings like blur, chromatic aberration and pollution create fun, trendy visuals.

Upbeat Transitions Pack

Clean graphics with bold geometric wipes create crisp visual effect in this transitions pack. Transition sounds are included for added impact.

Elegant and Stylish Templates

Powerful visual treatments at your fingertips, these tools are perfect for hassle free story telling and building your brand.

Particle Effects Builder

Breathe life into your project by creating fire, dust, smoke, sparkle, flames or glass particle effects the fastest and easiest way possible.

Parallax Opener

Create drama with parallax effects. Lens dirt, light leaks and film scratches add natural depth to your project.

Bright and Beautiful Logo Reveal

This beautiful logo reveal with dancing graphics and stylized light flares is the perfect tool to build your brand.

Modern Opener With a Softer Touch

With frosted glass, light leak effects and a serene feel, this opener is perfect for any project requiring a gentle touch.

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