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Top 15 of 2016: Photoshop Actions, Presets and Brushes for Photographers

Read Time: 4 mins

Everyone loves a good end of the year round-up list, so this is our top 15 Envato Market resources for Photographers for 2016.

Five Great Photoshop Actions

PROActions Bundle

Give your photos an extra special oomf with this professional package. This has everything from contrast adjustments to replicating fantasy environments and with over 70 actions in total, it’s a bargain.

proaction bundleproaction bundleproaction bundle
PROActions Bundle by Crozer/Envato Market

Professional Retouching Actions Kit

If you’re a portrait photographer this retouching set will really speed up your workflow. Preserving that all important texture, it works to give natural results while giving you total control over the effect.

retouching kitretouching kitretouching kit
Professional Retouching Actions Kit by oneeyelab/Envato Market

 65 Premium Actions Set

We love bundles. This one has a great mix of actions, everything from strong sharpness and contrast for dynamic portraits, to something a little more soft and subtle for landscapes, still life and nature.

premium actions setpremium actions setpremium actions set
Premium Actions set by PrismaDesign/Envato Market

25 HDR Photo FX Vol.2

We know, sometimes we cringe when we hear HDR too, but these actions blow all the preconceptions out of the water. With quick render, you can test out all the different styles, non-destructively, to make your editing choices that much faster.

hdr effectshdr effectshdr effects
25 HDR Photo FX Vol 2 by Sodasong/Envato Market

Frequency Separation Technique

Work on your portraits by brushing over the areas you want to improve and then running one of the many actions available to you here. Easy, flexible actions and no scary ‘doll’ look!

frequency seperationfrequency seperationfrequency seperation
Frequency Separation Technique by PhotoshopActs /Envato Market

Five Great Lightroom Presets

15 Cinematic Film Look Lightroom Presets

Give your images a touch of Hollywood with these Lightroom Presets. The pack includes 15 different cinematic looks that can transform your image with one click.

cinematic film lookcinematic film lookcinematic film look
15 Cinematic Film Look Lightroom Presets by H2Obrothersdesign/Envato Market

50 Premium Lightroom Presets Vol.1

This bumper set contains a bit of everything, from simple workflow corrections to more specialised effects like HDR and Light Leak. The HDR Retro 80s action is a personal favourite!

50 premium lightroom presets50 premium lightroom presets50 premium lightroom presets
50 Premium Lightroom Presets Vol.1 by PrismaDesign/Envato Market

Perfect Skin Presets

Refine skin’s tone and texture, reduce freckles if required, or banish blemishes with this set of ten actions for Lightroom. The set comes with colour filters to give your portraits some extra zing, too.

perfect skin presetsperfect skin presetsperfect skin presets
Perfect Skin Presets by Nostromo /Envato Market

20 Pro Wedding Presets

Great for any portraits, but especially useful for wedding photographers, this set will give your photographs an instant touch of class. You can adjust each part of the preset individually to get a tailored look for each picture.

wedding presetswedding presetswedding presets
20 Pro Wedding Presets by Zvoila/Envato Market

Winter Fairytale Lightroom Presets

It’s winter for many of us and while we dream of taking pictures of a white wonderland, we more likely end up with grey slush. Add some winter magic to your pictures with this set.

winter presetswinter presetswinter presets
Winter Fairytale Lightroom Presets by Riddy/Envato Market

Five of Our Favourites

50 Photo Effects Curl and Shadows

Give your photos or collages a unique look with this set. Create a realistic looking curl and shadow to each photograph, perfect for sending out proofs to clients or even just sprucing up your social media.

curl and shadowscurl and shadowscurl and shadows
50 Photo Effects Curl and Shadows by srvalle/Envato Market

Shimmer Photoshop Action

Simply paint over your subject and run the action to get this gorgeous shimmer effect. You can customise the layers to get as much or as little of the effect as desired.

shimmer actionshimmer actionshimmer action
Shimmer Photoshop Action by Sevenstyles/Envato Market

Smoke Brushes for Photoshop

19 smoke brushes to add some drama and mystery to your photographs. Try combining a few to make an interesting background or texture.

smoke brushessmoke brushessmoke brushes
Smoke Brushes for Photoshop by GrDezign/Envato Market

Bokeh Brushes for Photoshop

Everyone loves a little bokeh in their images, right? Well forget shallow depth of field, because you can add your own with these nifty brushes. Remember to combine brushes to avoid them looking too repetitive.

bokeh brushesbokeh brushesbokeh brushes
Bokeh Brushes for Photoshop by MosheSeldin/Envato Market

HQ Film Emulation Actions

This set comes with eight actions and includes two textures, so there are tons of combinations to be had. The cooler tones and matte look are easy to achieve with these and very popular looks at the moment.

HQ Film Emulation ActionsHQ Film Emulation ActionsHQ Film Emulation Actions
HQ Film Emulation Actions by LucianaB/Envato Market

Get Creative in 2017

We hope this list of our favourite Envato Market items for 2016 gives you some creative inspiration for the new year ahead and we're looking forward to seeing what 2017 has in store for us!

If you'd potentially like to see your creative work in our list next year, or included in one of our upcoming articles, why not become an Envato Market author? We love supporting our fellow photographers and creatives and can't wait to see what you have to offer.

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