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Top 5: Best Selling Video Artists on Envato Market, November 2017

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Learn From the Best: Here are the 5 Top Video Creators on VideoHive This Month

In this series we introduce the current top five video artists on Envato Market's VideoHive, by sales.

It's hard to know where to start when you're developing your skills as a video artist. The monthly top five are creators at the top of their craft. We hope their stories, and the things they create, inspire you to make your own awesome videos and market items. You can also check out the full rankings over on VideoHive any time, they're updated weekly.

5. Pressmaster

At number five, Production Studio Pressmaster is a team of daring creative pros who make conceptual stock imagery, footage and music. Their offering ranges from corporate footage, through to family scenes and even cookery.

Featured Item: Hipster Colleagues Taking Selfie

Selfie-taking couldn’t be more relevant right now, but it’s often difficult to get footage of people taking them: we tend to just see the finished result! This type of stock footage is perfect for corporate presentations, but also for social media broadcasts too.

Hipster Colleagues Taking SelfieHipster Colleagues Taking SelfieHipster Colleagues Taking Selfie
Hipster Colleagues Taking Selfie

4. Gorodenkoffs

European studio Gorodenkoff Visuals come in at number four, offering filming, editing and post-production of commercial photo and video imagery. Their portfolio demonstrates a high quality, professional, and engaging mix of stock footage.

Featured Item: VR Headset 

With a focus on research, engineering and virtual reality, Gorodenkoffs’ stock footage is relevant, interesting and diverse.

VR Headset VR Headset VR Headset
VR Headset

3. Videolancer

At three, Evgeny’s portfolio is a pleasing mix of every kind of video element you can think of. Look no further for dynamic trailers, transitions and slideshows.

Featured Item: Handy Seamless Transitions

Handy Seamless Transitions includes almost 500 transitions, perfect for your video projects. Including options such as fisheye, glitch and flat effects, there’s everything you could want and more!

Handy Seamless TransitionsHandy Seamless TransitionsHandy Seamless Transitions
Handy Seamless Transitions

2. Mister Horse

As the name suggests, Mister Horse, our number two this month, has a fun and quirky portfolio with an array of 3D motion presets and some nifty whiteboard kits. You’ll have neigh problem finding something you love.

Featured Item: Whiteboard Kit - Make Your Own Story

This kid includes over 1000 elements to help you create your own whiteboard story from scratch. Simply drag and drop content and then animate it with the presets provided – no horsing around.

Whiteboard Kit - Make Your Own StoryWhiteboard Kit - Make Your Own StoryWhiteboard Kit - Make Your Own Story
Whiteboard Kit - Make Your Own Story

1. Joel Starling

And our star this month at number one: Joel Starling - a freelance motion designer and art director from Brazil. His portfolio is an impressive array of titles and lower thirds, guaranteed to add elegance to any broadcast.

Featured Item: Epic Titles For Final Cut Pro X

With a fast rendering time and easily customisation, these titles are designed to give you maximum control with the least fuss. There are handy video tutorials included in case you get stuck.

See You Next Month!

We hope you enjoyed our roundup this month and found some inspirational new content to give your video projects and broadcasts an added dimension.

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