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3 Top Bangladesh Video Templates for After Effects (Graphics, Maps, Flags)

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Bangladesh is beautifully diverse, from its gorgeous coastline (including the world's longest!), to its historical sites, markets and bazaars. If you'd like to make video about Bangladesh, we've put together some resources from Envato Market and Envato Elements to help you.

Beautiful sunset in the mountains on the river bankBeautiful sunset in the mountains on the river bankBeautiful sunset in the mountains on the river bank
Beautiful sunset in the mountains on the river bank by antonpetrus via Envato Elements

Take a look at these top templates from Envato Market and Envato Elements, to get you started with your video.

3 Top After Effects Video Templates for Bangladesh (Graphics, Maps)

1. Map of Asia with Countries - Asia Map Kit

This map kit of Asia for After Effects has each country configured individually, including Bangladesh. The template includes a collection of markers and images to complement the maps.

2. 221 Looping World Flags

There are flags galore in this download, including four options for each: classic, mounted on a pole, on a cylinder, and in a box. The options include the flag of Bangladesh.

3. Map Kit

A map kit that contains all the countries in the world, including Bangladesh. There are 2D and 3D options for each country and over 600 icons that you can use as pins, as well as a link to the free fonts used, and inclusive of some bonus graphic elements.

Try More Bangladesh and South Asian Themed Resources

Flag of Bangladesh -Stock Footage

A loopable video of Bangladesh’s flag blowing.

Boarding Pass To Dhaka – Stock Footage

A boarding pass with the destination filling in with ‘Dhaka’.

Map and Flag of Asia Library - PowerPoint Presentation

If your video is part of a presentation, try this Asia-themed PowerPoint, including flags, vector icons and more.

Map and Flag of Asia LibraryMap and Flag of Asia LibraryMap and Flag of Asia Library
Map and Flag of Asia Library

More Video Resources from Envato

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