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3 Top Cinematic Colour Preset Packs for Premiere Pro

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A colour preset pack is a set of grading templates for Premiere Pro, made by colour grading experts, to help correct and stylise your video footage. A well-made, well-organised pack can help create professional results with a fraction of the effort. Here are three of our favourites from Envato Elements, plus some bonus assets too!

Top Preset Packs to Create Cinematic Colour in Premiere Pro

Cinematic Color Presets - Premiere Pro

Featured Preset Pack for Premiere Pro From Envato Elements

Control the intensity or combine presets for thousands of profile options in just a few clicks. There are 350 cinematic colour grading profiles in this pack for Premiere Pro, all organised to make them easy to use. You can combine several profiles for new results, and they're resizable.

Key Features

  • Program(s): Premiere Pro (+bonus After Effects presets!)
  • Requirements: None
  • Author: Videologio

Download and Try 

Cinematic Color Presets - Premiere Pro template for Premiere Pro is available to download from Envato Elements.

Download Template



More Creative Presets for Film Makers

With a subscription to Envato Elements you get unlimited Premiere Pro Presets, video, audio, images, graphics and more, so you can try as many presets as you like. Here are a couple more examples:

Ultra Color | LUTs pack for Any Software

Create colour designed to wow with this set of Premiere Pro grading presets. There are 100 LUTs included, which feature 'fast preview' for quick thumbnail results, plus fast rendering times.

1000 Cinematic Color Presets  

1000 awesome colour grading presets for Premiere Pro including 15 VHS styles and five old film looks. They come as .cube files so you can use them across other photo/video editing suites too.

1000 Cinematic Color Presets - Lut Pack for Premiere Pro1000 Cinematic Color Presets - Lut Pack for Premiere Pro1000 Cinematic Color Presets - Lut Pack for Premiere Pro
1000 Cinematic Color Presets - Lut Pack for Premiere Pro / Envato Elements

Envato Elements has millions of creative assets. Here are a few more downloads you might like that are included in a subscription and have a nod to colour.

Stock Footage: Bright Color Corporate Background With Infographics HD

Why not try this brightly coloured stock video featuring infographics, perfect for a corporate project with personality.

Soundtrack: Acoustic Colors

If you need a soundtrack for your film then why not try this bright and breezy acoustic number.

Font: Futuristico Color Font

Try this creative OpenType font with fun geometric shapes and bright colours. 

Futuristico Color FontFuturistico Color FontFuturistico Color Font
Futuristico Color Font / Envato Elements

More Resources for Filmmakers Using Premiere Pro

There's always room for improvement, right? Check out our resources for filmmakers at Envato Tuts+.

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