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10 Top Logo Reveal Templates for After Effects

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In this article, we’ll take a look at ten top logo animation templates. Envato Elements has an amazing selection of templates for After Effects to help you make a short animated logo reveal for your brand. 

Designer sketching a logo

Top Logo Reveal Animation Templates

An animated logo reveal is a quick and easy way to personalize a video and bring attention to your brand, but if you’re thinking “I have no clue how to animate a logo,” you aren’t alone: creating animations from scratch can be tough. A template gives you a great starting point, just add your own media and customize.

Shape Logo Opener

Featured Logo Reveal Template for After Effects From Envato Elements

A wonderful 2D logo accompanied with sound effects that round out the animated movements. This template  comes with 12 social media icons as well as being able to easily use a video for a background, if preferred.

How to Use This Adobe After Effects Template

  1. Download, open the project and import the files you wish to add
  2. Locate the compositions where you'd like to make your changes
  3. Replace the placeholder element with yours
  4. Change colours to match your scheme
  5. Repeat for any remaining elements
  6. Export your logo reveal animation

More Logo Reveal Templates From Envarto Elements

With unlimited downloads on an Envato Elements subscription you can try as many logo reveals as you like. Here are a few more top templates to try:

  • .Gold Particles features gold dust being brushed away, revealing your logo. This template could be used for a luxury product, though applications of this reveal aren’t limited to that.
  • Colorful Logo is fun and breezy. Have you logo shoot up through the air. Colourful Logo works well with a solid backdrop or your favourite video clip.
  • A template that shimmers like beautifully polished steel. Chrome Logo is simple and stylish and comes with three colour schemes for you to choose from.
  • Light rays and particles! Bright and Clean Logo 3 Pack is a clean and elegant sting that puts your logo front and center. 

Logo Reveals for After Effects From Envato Market

If you'd rather buy your templates as-you-go, check out these highlights from Envato Market:.

Terrain Destruction Logo — $19

Have your logo appear from a beautiful animation of the earth being rent apart by a subterranean logo. This template comes with  amazing sound effects and allows for easy colour customization to suite your creative needs.

City Lights Logo — $18

City Lights Logo comes with three city grids and two skylines to choose from. Try using this to promote the local film or music festival. The audio doesn’t come included, but Elements has you covered in that department too.

Simple Logo Reveal — $19

This simple and artistic logo reveal brings out your logo in a very captivating way. It’s minimal and uses the trendy ‘soft UI’ design technique, making it very easy to use and edit.

Logo Opener — $17

Bold, quick and in command, this powerful reveal is as direct as they get. Just paste your text or logo and it’s ready to use. Fully customizable with After Effects.

Pixel Particle Logo — $20

A perfect pixelated particle logo with in and out animations! You can edit effects and colours easily with the click of a button, making it suitable for needs. This logo reveal supplies you with everything you need to create a great sting!

Learn How to Use After Effects

Are you ready to jump into the creative aspects of video editing and animation? That's great! we have some amazing step-by-step courses to help you learn—and the best part is, they're all included as part of an Envato Elements subscription.

If you are just starting out, we recommend our free course Adobe After Effects for Beginners, which will take you through the basics of the software first, helping you through with lessons on settings, and how to create things like masks, shapes and text. From there you can easily navigate the more advanced techniques!

More Top Templates to Try

Thanks for browsing this list! Here are a few more After Effects template review articles for you to check out.

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Last but not least! if you find yourself using one of these After Effects templates, let us know by joining the Envato forums. We look forward to seeing your creations!

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