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10 Top Logo Sting Animation Templates for DaVinci Resolve

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Adding a logo sting to your production is a excellent way to keep your brand front and centre in your productions, and the best way to create professional logo stings is to use a template. 

10 Top Logo Sting Animation Templates for DaVinci Resolve10 Top Logo Sting Animation Templates for DaVinci Resolve10 Top Logo Sting Animation Templates for DaVinci Resolve

Today, we showcase ten of the best logo sting animation template from Envato Elements. They are specifically designed for users of DaVinci Resolve, so if you use this terrific software for your post-production work, this post is for you. 

10 Top Logo Sting Animation Templates

1. Glitch Grunge Distortion Logo Intro

If you love the distressed look, you'll love Glitch Grunge Distortion Logo IntroThe DaVinci Resolve template offers plenty of animated distortions, brush, grunge and glitching effects while revealing your logo. To customise, just drop in your logo, change the colours to match your brand and hit render.

2. Glitch Logo Intro Bokeh Distortion

Glitch Logo Intro Bokeh Distortion is another fantastic DaVinci Resolve template that offers animated distortion, bokeh and glitching effects while revealing your logo. If you are familiar with DaVinci Resolve, it is super easy to customise, but there is a step-by-step video tutorial included in case you get stuck.

3. Confetti Burst - Logo Reveal

Impress your audience with Confetti Burst - Logo Reveal. It introduces your logo with a burst of confetti which falls slowly away. For those who want to add secondary text to their production, there is a second burst of confetti around placeholder text. 

4. Hand Drawn Brush Tropical Logo

Bring the authentic feel of handcrafted art to your next production with this Hand Drawn Brush Tropical Logo. Animated brush strokes, doodles and other spontaneous markings are combined with warm tropical colours to enhance and draw attention to your logo.

5. Clean Simple Logo V.3

If you taste tends towards the understated, you might prefer, Clean Simple Logo V.3, which starts off with the scrambled letters and/or symbol of your logo which it brings together with a flourish. You can also use the same style to reveal important text like a website or short message. 

6. Minimal Colorful Logo for DaVinci Resolve

Minimal Colorful Logo for DaVinci Resolve is a charming and clever way to incorporate your logo in the opening of your video. The logo sting features an object that bounces across four animated screens before showing your logo. The object can be any geometric shape your choose and you can change the colour of the screens it bounces across. 

7. Colourful Particles Logo

This wonderful logo sting is all about colourful particles that dance and wind their way around each other before they finally unveil your logo. Just as all the other templates here this one is easy to customise by dropping in your logo, changing the colours to match your brand and hitting render.

8. Broadcast Globe Logo

Broadcast Globe Logo is a terrific logo sting for corporations and businesses with a global reach, that's because it features a cleverly rendered spinning globe that eventually retracts to display your logo. 

9. Grunge Distortion Logo

This Grunge Distortion Logo offers tons of cools animations to showoff your logo and keep your audiences entertained. A terrific short into to your next video project, to customise, just drop in your logo, change the colours and render.

10. Moon Logo Animation

This cool Moon Logo Animation features a slowly turning moon overlayed with stylish glitch, grunge and distortion effects. Your logo and text sits front and centre of the logo sting so your audience can't miss it. 

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