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10 Top Office Scene Animation Templates for After Effects

Scene situations play out particular scenarios with animated characters, and you can change the colours to suit your video. In this article we’ll show you ten of our favourite animation templates featuring office scenes from Envato Elements, where everything is included in a monthly subscription.

Animate an Office Scene With Templates for After Effects

Scene animations are normally in fun, ‘flat’ designs, with animation effects and backgrounds scaled down and simple. They’re really easy to include in your video and are a really fast way to make an animated scenario in After Effects.

1. Freelance - Scene Situation

Freelancers sit at various desks and tables in a variety of rooms, working on laptops. With a new ‘work from home’ ethos becoming normal, this scene situation is very timely. There’s even a freelancer working at the beach.

2. Deadline - Scene Situation

Time is tight with the deadline scene situation for After Effects. Urgency is reflected in animations like a clock on fire, an egg timer running and a stop watch, while the animated characters plan and make decisions.

Deadline - Scene SituationDeadline - Scene SituationDeadline - Scene Situation
Deadline - Scene Situation

3. Workplace rudeness - Scene Situation

Various situations reflecting impoliteness, with one animated character being rude to a colleague. There’s even a character shown crying at their desk after an unpleasant encounter.

Workplace rudeness - Scene SituationWorkplace rudeness - Scene SituationWorkplace rudeness - Scene Situation
Workplace rudeness - Scene Situation

4. Coworking office - Scene Situation

Co-workers type on laptops together in shared workspaces: at desks, on soft, comfortable chairs and even on a beanbag. Animations include typing on a computer or desktop, using a mobile phone or tablet, and chatting to each other.

Coworking office - Scene SituationCoworking office - Scene SituationCoworking office - Scene Situation
Coworking office - Scene Situation

5. Business - Scene Situation

Intense conversations are the focus of this office-based scene situation for After Effects. Animations feature graphs, charts, icons for money and email, and much more.

Business - Scene SituationBusiness - Scene SituationBusiness - Scene Situation
Business - Scene Situation

6. Office management - Scene Situation

This scene situation animation features very important looking people going about their very serious management business with briefcases, pointing at charts and holding clipboards!

Office management - Scene SituationOffice management - Scene SituationOffice management - Scene Situation
Office management - Scene Situation

7. Business meeting - Scene Situation

Colleagues chat and work in this After Effects scene animation. Characters are seen examining charts, shaking hands, and putting on glasses to get down to some challenging work.

Business meeting - Scene SituationBusiness meeting - Scene SituationBusiness meeting - Scene Situation
Business meeting - Scene Situation

8. Self-Employment - Scene Situation

A character has a virtual meeting via a laptop, work on their own from home and other locations, and chat with clients or other self-employed people.

Self-Employment - Scene SituationSelf-Employment - Scene SituationSelf-Employment - Scene Situation
Self-Employment - Scene Situation

9. Workspace - Scene Situation

This scene situation animation for After Effects highlights workspaces. From cosy beanbag chairs and big lamps, to more formal office spaces with desks and plants, there are a variety of scenes shown.

Workspace - Scene SituationWorkspace - Scene SituationWorkspace - Scene Situation
Workspace - Scene Situation

10. Office job - Scene Situation

Various scenarios of office life are animated in this scene situation, including examining graphs, having a meeting, and chatting with colleagues about work.

Office job - Scene SituationOffice job - Scene SituationOffice job - Scene Situation
Office job - Scene Situation

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