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12 Top Templates for Videos With Islamic Themes, Art and Design

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Organisations around the world are embracing the use of modern technology to help bring communities together. Here are some of the best Islamic themed templates and graphics that could work well as part of your video project.

All of these templates are from Envato Elements, where you can download and use as many as you like for a monthly subscription.

Top Video Templates With Islamic Themes and Design

1. Arabic Titles

A large selection of titles for Adobe After Effects that have been designed to read right to left, with an Arabic style typeface.

2. Arabica- Animated Arabic Typeface

With over 120 characters, Arabica is a stylish and modern template for Adobe After Effects. You won’t need any plugins to use this, and there’s a help video included in case you get stuck.

3. Arabic Calligraphy

With a flowing style, Arabic Calligraphy – or Khatt Islami – is a traditional style template for Adobe After Effects.

4. Colorful Ramadan

Celebrate Ramadan in style with this colourful template for Adobe After Effects. There are three text placeholders and one for your logo, so you can share your message quickly and easily in your video project.


5. Muslim Family

A colourful graphic available as an EPS (vector) file, with a high-resolution JPEG also included. The same artist has other similar, tasteful and stylish illustrations. Great for a display screen or slideshow.

Muslim FamilyMuslim FamilyMuslim Family
Muslim Family

6. Islamic set flat

A set of cartoon style illustrations in EPS format, including a mosque.

Islamic set flatIslamic set flatIslamic set flat
Islamic set flat

7. Muslim Women smartphone activity

An EPS and JPEG graphic of modern, fashionable women with smartphones.

Muslim Women smartphone activityMuslim Women smartphone activityMuslim Women smartphone activity
Muslim Women smartphone activity


8. Islamic Art Vector Patterns

A set of elegant geometric patterns that would be ideal for video backgrounds. They come in EPS, AI, JPEG and PNG versions.

Islamic Art Vector PatternsIslamic Art Vector PatternsIslamic Art Vector Patterns
Islamic Art Vector Patterns

9. Geometric Patterns Islamic Ed.

150 premade pattern textures available in a number of formats including as a PSD (Photoshop) document.

Geometric Patterns Islamic EdGeometric Patterns Islamic EdGeometric Patterns Islamic Ed
Geometric Patterns Islamic Ed.

Stock Footage

10. Namaz - Muslim Man Worship In Mosque 2

An almost silhouetted man prays in a mosque, with atmospheric window light in the background.

11. Istanbul Ortakoy Mosque Top View

A drone shot over the top of a mosque, with the city seen in the background before turning to reveal a stunning river view.

12. Islamic Kaleidoscope

A kaleidoscope-style movement based around Islamic patterns.

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