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3 Top After Effects Templates for Dance Videos

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Dance videos can be everything from fun and upbeat, to gentle and pulling on the heartstrings. Whatever your preferred dance style, nail your video by trying some specially made templates.

Take a look at a few of our top tips when it comes to planning your shoot:

  • Organise your shoot so that everyone has a schedule and everything runs on time
  • Nail your lighting: If you’re recording lots of people moving around quickly, then you’ll need a bright room or additional lighting
  • Make sure backgrounds are clean and uncluttered so you don’t distract from the dancing

Here are three templates created especially for dance videos. These are included with a subscription to Envato Elements and they’re made for Adobe After Effects.

Animated graphic of a person dancingAnimated graphic of a person dancingAnimated graphic of a person dancing
A frame from Plexus Dance Intro by graphicINmotion on Envato Elemetns.

1. Street Dance

Draw a mask around your image to isolate it and render for a super-cool, slow motion, parallax style. Perfect for a dance trailer, opener or social media video.

2. Plexus Dance Intro

Try this abstract, audio-reactive template to create a plexus-style person that moves in time to your music track. Choose from a light or dark version and the template works with any logo or text.

3. The Stage is Yours

The Stage is Yours lets you to recreate realistic camera movements and track around a stage. Use pre-keyed footage to create your own show! You don’t need any plugins to use this and there are 12 scenes that you can rearrange to suit your needs.

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