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3 Top After Effects Templates for Charity Fundraising Videos

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Raising money online with video is more successful than without video: Films are a great way to engage and get your message across. In this round-up we look at three templates to help you create powerful campaign videos quickly.

Top Video Templates for Fundraising Campaigns

First, a word of advice: It's wise to think of your charity, non-profit, or crowdfunding video as more of a pitch than as regular content, so with that in mind, look at making connections and being as honest as possible about your intentions and goals. Try the following templates from Envato Market to help you create engaging and effective fundraising videos:

1. Volunteer Fundraising Advert / NGO Charity Campaign

Put out a call for donations or volunteers for your charity or non-profit with this stick-man themed project for After Effects. Change the colours to easily keep the template consistent with your branding. Sound effects are included and there are plenty of placeholders for your videos, photos or text.

Volunteer Fundraising Advert  NGO Charity CampaignVolunteer Fundraising Advert  NGO Charity CampaignVolunteer Fundraising Advert  NGO Charity Campaign
Volunteer Fundraising Advert / NGO Charity Campaign

2. Poverty - NGO / Charity / Nonprofit Slideshow

With black and white colouring, this slideshow would suit those charities or non-profits with a serious message to convey. There are placeholders for your photos or video, to help you make a connection with your audience and hopefully enlist their help through donations.

3. Crowdfunding Campaign

This After Effects template provides a lighter alternative to fundraising videos. The download includes 15 animated icons, things like health and wellness, science and innovation, travel, education and more.

Crowdfunding CampaignCrowdfunding CampaignCrowdfunding Campaign
Crowdfunding Campaign

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