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3 Top After Effect Video Templates for Start-ups

Starting up a new business can be really tough – there’s so much to think about! When it comes to creating video content though, we’ve got you covered. Try these three video templates for After Effects from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

Creating Video for Business

There are lots of great reasons to use video to support your business. If you'd like to learn more, you might enjoy our course, How to Make a Business Profile Video. Some of the lessons include:


3 Top Video Templates for Start-ups and New Business  Ventures

1. Startup Presentation

Easily create a presentation to explain your startup business and show people what you’re all about, with this After Effects template. It’s a comprehensive pack with 100 icons included, 27 scenes, and plenty of placeholder options for footage, pictures and text.

2. Touch Screen Logo Pack - Quick Simple

This simple, flat style with a fun ‘touch’ twist would suit a number of projects, so it’s perfect for a startup if you’ve not quite nailed your brand yet, or plan to evolve it in time. There are ten different animation styles included and you can change the colours to suit your look.

3. Corporate Timeline Presentation

Tell your company’s story-so-far with this After Effects timeline template. Alternatively, use the timeline to set out what you plan to do over the next few months or years; you could consider making it part of a funding pitch too.

More Small Business and Brand Video Help

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