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4 Top Booked-themed After Effects Templates for World Book Day

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The first Thursday of March is World Book Day here in the UK, and millions of school children dress up as their favourite book characters, and are given a book token which can be redeemed in any bookshop.

Portrait of man in a coffee shop reading a bookPortrait of man in a coffee shop reading a bookPortrait of man in a coffee shop reading a book
Promote the habit of reading with a cool video about World Book Day in After Effects.

Celebrate this day by creating a fun and inspiring video. We've selected some of our favourite World Book Day After Effects Templates, to help you out. These are all available with an Envato Elements subscription. 

Top Video Resources to Celebrate World Book Day 

1. Promo World Book Day for After Effects

Try this stunning motion graphics book promo in After Effects. Create an amazing animated book promo with a 3D book mockup and bright coloured background. No plugins are required with this download. 

2. Pop-Up Book Template

Remember pop-up books when you were a kid? Bring back that magical experience with this pop-up book template. Celebrate World Book Day with an After Effects video inspired by your childhood memories. 

3. Ancient Battle Book

As dramatic as Game of Thrones or Lord of the Rings, Ancient Battle Book brings fantasy to life. The After Effects project contains 12 text placeholders and 12 for your video or photos.

4. My Travel Book – World Book Day for After Effects

Tell the story of your adventures abroad with this beautiful travel book template. Show your friends and family all your travel pictures and destinations in a fun and dynamic way. Add your photos and text to make a personal video celebrating World Book Day with After Effects.

Bonus… Promote Your Own Book!

If you’ve been hard-working and creative enough to write your own book, good for you! Now you’ll likely want to show it off, so why not give this template a try in time for World Book Day in After Effects:

The Book Promotion

Designed for After Effects, The Book Promotion has universal expressions and doesn’t require any plugins. You can change the book format and thickness and the cover is, of course, fully customisable.

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