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Wedding Photo Extras and How to Bring Added Value for Your Clients

A wedding is often one of the most important days in a couple’s lives, and as the wedding photographer, there’s a lot of pressure on you to capture those memories in the best way possible. This lesson looks at the little extras that can really add value for your clients.

Wedding Photography Extras

What Are Extras?

Making your client feel valued is a nice thing to do, but also beneficial to you and your business. There are so many things that we as photographers can do without taking too big a financial hit yet that will make a huge difference to any client.

Wedding album / Twenty20Wedding album / Twenty20Wedding album / Twenty20
Wedding album / Twenty20

Can you improve on their wedding album? This could be a free upgrade, a few more pictures than they were expecting, a different binding, or maybe an improvement on the page paper quality.

Don’t just present this as something different from what they ordered though, be sure to drop in that you’ve given them a complimentary upgrade when you meet up with them to give them their stuff.

If you took little video clips of the day – maybe even just for your own social media channels – then a little compilation of these as a flavour of the day can make a really nice extra. You can even host them on your video channel so they can share them to their social media accounts. Remember to make these uploads private until you're told otherwise by the couple.

Another good idea is to have a few of the key pictures ready within a day or two of the wedding and send them over to the couple at social media size. This always goes down really well, as the couple are usually dying to share their day with those who couldn't make it.

An additional print or prints is a nice optional extra they might have already selected prints in their package so think about what you can add to this to make it really stand out. Chances are you'll have been in the couple's house for a meeting so notice what kind of style they like, do they have lots of family pictures up for example, and are those framed prints or canvases?

If you know the answer to these questions then you can select the best fit and throw in a freebie. If you're already having prints ordered then it probably won't cost you much more to add on an extra.


Think about how you package your final products. You don't just want to hand them over in a pile, so what can you do to make it look good?

Think about how you'll present your work to your clients / Twenty20Think about how you'll present your work to your clients / Twenty20Think about how you'll present your work to your clients / Twenty20
Think about how you'll present your work to your clients / Twenty20

There are stunning decorative boxes you can get, and putting your items in these, in some fancy tissue paper is an inexpensive way of really helping a presentation go over well. There are also lovely gift bags to be found online and the further ahead you do your prep and research, the less time pressure you'll be under to just get something ordered.

However you package your items, make it look like you've taken good care and attention to detail over it. Nobody wants to receive something they've been really looking forward to and for it to look like it was thrown together in a hurry.

Future Proof

Keep a calendar of all your couple's wedding dates and think about sending them an anniversary card from your business. Not only is that a sweet thing to do but it's also a good way of reminding them of you when they come to want more photography, new-born photos or family shoots, special occasions and so on.

Hopefully they'll recommend you to friends too, and that little reminder of your brand can't do any harm.

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About the Authors

Marie Gardiner created the video course that includes this lesson, and wrote the updated text version. Marie is a writer and photographer from England, with a background in media.

This lesson was edited and published by Jackson Couse. Jackson is a photographer and the editor of the Photo & Video section of Envato Tuts+.

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