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Weekly What's Up: Learning Video Editing With David Bode

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Welcome to the Weekly What Up! This week we catch up with David Bode to hear about his new course, Introduction to Video Editing. If you've ever wondered how to transform raw video into a convincing viewing experience, this is the course for you!

Introduction to Video Editing

In our chat this week Dave and I talk about why editing is important, editing for emotion, and what you need to get started.

Dave says: "Capturing high-quality video has never been easier, but capturing video is only part of the storytelling process. And it doesn't even have to be storytelling; it could be sharing an experience, presenting information, or covering news. To get video from its raw form to a finished, watchable piece, it needs to be edited."

Envato Tuts+ Last Week

Here's what we published on Envato Tuts+ Photo & Video last week:

Photo of the Week

This week's photo of the week is a picture of Conor Farrell skiing down Val Thorens by Harry Guinness.

Skier in the French AlpsSkier in the French AlpsSkier in the French Alps
Conor Farrell skis Val Thorens. Photo: Harry Guinness.

See you again next week!

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