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We're Making a Podcast About Photography


The Tuts+ Photography Podcast

This time on the Weekly What's Up we take a look ahead to a project we're working on: the Tuts+ Photography Podcast. I caught up with Photo & Video section editor Jackson Couse to get a preview:

Photo & Video Last Week

Last week's tutorials all had something a little unexpected about them, in a good way.

In celebration of Black History Month, Marie Gardiner took a look at this theater portrait. It's a picture with way more going on than meets the eye! Once you know the history, your whole experience of the image will change.

Marie also took us through a fast and non-destructive alternative process for dodging and burning—lightening and darkening—in Adobe Photoshop.

Andrew Childress continued his series of Lightroom learning guides with a roundup of tutorials to help you learn some of the more unusual, and even hidden, parts of the program.

We also published Andrew's latest course, all about ON1 Photo 10. We'll catch up with Andrew to hear more about the course in next week's What's Up.

And last, but not least, Dave Bode continued his series of tutorials looking at how to massage, manipulate, and make sense of digital video codecs. This time, it was how to join pesky AVCHD files into one big clip.

See you next week!

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