1. Photo & Video

Photo & Video Learning Guides

Learn the photography and video skills you need with these specially curated learning guides to help you master everything from video editing to creating masterful photo effects.

Each learning guide consists of an overview of the subject along with a hand-picked selection of links to relevant tutorials and courses to help you master a particular subject. In Learn Photoshop Actions, for example, you'll discover what Photoshop actions are and how to install and use them. Then you'll get links to free tutorials and premium video courses to help you learn more. With so much to discover, your only problem is deciding what to learn first.

  1. How to Broadcast Live Video

    5 Posts
    Live video is a powerful, affordable great way for creative people to connect with others and share their talents with the world. If you struggle with shyness or what to broadcast, however, you may be a little hesitant to go live. In this learning guide, you'll learn how get started with your own live video stream.
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  2. How to Teach Photography

    4 Posts
    In order to make sense of our times we need to think again about photography and how we teach it. How do we use photography to communicate in a changing physical, political, and media landscape? Are there new ways for our images to find purchase with audiences? The world needs better photography and better photography instruction.
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  3. 60 Second Video Tutorials

    16 Posts
    Comprehensively introducing anything in sixty seconds is a tough challenge, but that’s exactly what we’re doing with this series! Each of these video tutorials introduces you to a subject, offering just enough explanation to whet your appetite and get you hooked.
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  4. Look at This! Great Photographs Revisited

    18 Posts
    Photographs offer another layer of experience—a reading experience as rich as any written prose—if we take the time to observe and process the photograph’s visual language. In this Learning Guide you will read examples and do assignments to train your eye to look at images.
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  5. Photography Jumpstart

    4 Posts
    Photography is fun and easy to pick up, but it can quickly get complex. If you're just getting started, the tutorials in this Learning Guide will help point you in the right direction. You'll learn how make sense of your DSLR and the basics of exposure, focus, shooting modes, white balance, and much more!
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