1. Photo & Video

Photo & Video Learning Guides

Learn the photography and video skills you need with these specially curated learning guides to help you master everything from video editing to creating masterful photo effects.

Each learning guide consists of an overview of the subject along with a hand-picked selection of links to relevant tutorials and courses to help you master a particular subject. In Learn Photoshop Actions, for example, you'll discover what Photoshop actions are and how to install and use them. Then you'll get links to free tutorials and premium video courses to help you learn more. With so much to discover, your only problem is deciding what to learn first.

  1. How to Retouch, Recover, and Restore Old Photographs

    10 Posts
    Retouching and restoration are the parts of the post-production process where an image is cleaned, corrected, and, in some cases, made usable again. In this learning guide you will learn how to remove unwanted dust, scratches, camera malfunctions, lens deficiencies, exposure problems, and more.
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  2. Street Photography

    14 Posts
    Street photography is a particularly improvisational, intuitive, and mysterious genre of photography. A historically solitary, highly personal pursuit, it’s rarely evident how street photographers work with a subject that’s so inherently unpredictable. This series of tutorials breaks down the mysteries of making images of the public into digestible steps that you can apply to your own practice as you see fit.
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  3. Community Projects

    1 Post
    If you make photos and video, you're part of a big, rich, complex global conversation about images. Community Projects are a place to share your work, ideas, and perspectives with the community of learners at Tuts+.
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  4. How to Sharpen Digital Images

    6 Posts
    Most digital images need sharpening; however, the amount of sharpening needed varies image to image and even area to area within an image. This series explores why sharpening is needed and how to apply sharpening - for a range of techniques and a variety of purposes - selectively and effectively to your images.
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